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Company Profile

e-Channelling PLC is the pioneer software development and ICT service provider to the Healthcare industry in Sri Lanka. It is the first company in Sri Lanka to offer a complete e-commerce based service and the first public quoted Technology Company in the Colombo Stock Exchange. e-Channelling has consistently been part of the 100 top brands in Sri Lanka.

e-Channelling PLC was established in 2001 by Millennium IT (group company of the London Stock Exchange), another pioneer ICT company in Sri Lanka, known worldwide for advanced investment trading systems. In 2001, when the World Wide Web was gaining momentum, e-Channelling envisioned an enabling service to eliminate the hassle and the inconvenience faced by the general public to obtain an appointment to meet a Specialist or Consultant at the time and place convenient to them. At the time when e-Channelling was launched, other nations in the region and even UK and USA, did not have service to tie up Doctors, Patients and Hospitals, leveraging the power of the Internet and ecommerce.

e-Channelling PLC is now a subsidiary of Mobitel (Private) Limited, Sri Lanka`s National Mobile Service Provider and a fully-owned subsidiary of Sri Lanka Telecom PLC.

Our Products

Doctor Channeling System and Service

Along with the doctor channeling system and service e-Channelling PLC provides following value added services to hospitals and patients.

  • For Hospitals
    • Doctor Notification (SMS notification system, to inform patients about the updated doctor appointment status)

    • D-Doctor Notification (SMS notification system to inform doctors about their appointment details )

  • For Patients
    • e-Channelling Member Card (offers discount on eChannelling service charge, and products of 800+ merchants island wide)

    • No Show Refunds (facilitates hassle free refund of all the payment done for the appointment missed by the patient)

Doctor Channelling Mobile Application (eChannelling)

One touch access to doctors in Sri Lanka. eChannelling mobile application enable users to channel doctors/consultants at anytime, from anywhere. It is an easy, convenient, cost effective and time saving way for channeling doctors/consultants in Sri Lanka.



HIS (Hospital Information System)

e-Channelling has developed and implemented an integrated Hospital Information System (HIS) for one of the largest private hospitals in Sri Lanka. HIS solution with its comprehensive modules is now promoted and marketed to small and medium sized hospitals, medical clinics, retail pharmacies and medical laboratories.

easy way to automate your hospital

easy way to automate your lab

easy way to automate your pharmacy

easy way to automate your clinic