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All you have to do is search for the doctor, using the search facility provided on this web site. After selecting the required session of the doctor, you have to give details of the patient and make the payments to confirm the appointment. You will need a credit card to make the payment; any Visa, Master card or American Express credit card is accepted. When you reach the payment page in this web site, you should select the relevant Internet Payment Gateway (IPG), either Sampath bank, HSBC or Seylan bank for Visa and Master card to process the payment. Thereafter, from this web site, you will be connected to the payment gateways of either Sampath bank , HSBC or Seylan bank, or to the payment gateway of American Express where you can enter credit card details securely to pay for the appointment. The web site will present you with the receipt you should print, to be produced at the hospital. If there's no printer available you can just write down the reference number and go to the hospital. You can obtain the channel receipt from the channeling counter.
Please go to the nearest Sampath bank branch or the Peoples bank branch and channel the doctor of your choice. You can make payments in cash to the teller and obtain a receipt for your channel appointment. If you have an account at Sampath bank or Peoples bank, you can also charge the payment to your account with the bank.
You cannot cancel an appointment made through e-Channelling and obtain a refund. However, you could request a change of the appointment before the commencement of the doctor's consultation session at the hospital. You may call the hospital to enquire and then visit their channelling counter to request the cancellation. (Telephone number of the hospital is given in your channel receipt)
If you have encountered any difficulties using this web site, please call 071 0 225 225 between 8.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. or the e-Channelling Hotline 071 0 225 225.
For further information on doctors and appointments please contact:
Address : No.409, R.A.De.Mel Mawatha,
Colombo 03, Sri Lanka.
Call Centre Hotline : 071 0 225 225
Office Contact Number : 071 4 225 225
Customer Care : 071 0 225 225
e-mail : help@echannelling.com
web : www.echannelling.com
(Telephone number of the hospital is given in your channel receipt)
SampathNet provides you with internet access to all your Sampath bank accounts. If you already have an account with Sampath bank, however do not use SampathNet, please visit your nearest Sampath bank branch and register yourself to use SampathNet. Once you are registered as a SampathNet user, you can simply pay for your e-Channelling doctor's appointment using your Sampath bank account on the e-Channelling web site.